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NEW. A complete list of secondary structures is now available to the user
and contains entries derived from 2753 PDB files. Each RNA secondary structure is presented in dot-bracket and graphic format.

  No.   PDB id  NDB id    Secondary structure    Number of models  Functional class  Experimental method    Resolution [Å]   PDB deposition  
1 100D AHJ060 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction1.91994-12-05
2 104D 104D show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1994-12-16
3 124D 124D show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1993-05-07
4 157D ARL048 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.81994-02-01
5 161D AHJ052 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction1.91994-02-10
6 165D AHIB53 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction1.551994-03-21
7 168D AHJS55 show details1DNA/RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction21994-04-08
8 169D 169D show details1DNA/RNA HYBRIDNMR1994-04-11
9 170D 170D show details1DNANMR1994-03-14
10 17RA 17RA show details12RNANMR1998-08-04
11 1A1T 1A1T show details25VIRAL PROTEIN/RNANMR1997-12-15
12 1A34 PRV020 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.811998-01-28
13 1A3M 1A3M show details20RNANMR1998-01-22
14 1A4D 1A4D show details1RNANMR1998-01-29
15 1A4T 1A4T show details20TRANSCRIPTION/RNANMR1998-02-04
16 1A51 1A51 show details9RNANMR1998-02-19
17 1A60 1A60 show details24RNANMR1998-03-04
18 1A9L 1A9L show details12RNANMR1998-04-07
19 1A9N show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.381998-04-08
20 1AC3 1AC3 show details8DNA/RNA HYBRIDNMR1997-02-11
21 1AFX 1AFX show details13RNANMR1997-03-15
22 1AJF 1AJF show details1RNANMR1997-05-02
23 1AJL 1AJL show details1RNANMR1997-05-06
24 1AJT 1AJT show details1RNANMR1997-05-08
25 1AJU 1AJU show details20RNANMR1997-05-10
26 1AKX 1AKX show details1RNANMR1997-05-27
27 1AL5 1AL5 show details12RNANMR1997-06-11
28 1AM0 1AM0 show details8RNANMR1997-06-19
29 1ANR 1ANR show details20RNANMR1996-07-06
30 1AQ3 PRV008 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.81997-08-06
31 1AQ4 PRV009 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction31997-08-06
32 1AQO 1AQO show details15RNANMR1997-07-31
33 1ARJ 1ARJ show details20RNANMR1995-08-30
34 1ASY PTR005 show details1COMPLEX (AMINOACYL-TRNA SYNTHASE/TRNA)X-Ray Difraction2.91995-01-19
35 1ASZ PTR008 show details1COMPLEX (AMINOACYL-TRNA SYNTHASE/TRNA)X-Ray Difraction31995-01-19
36 1ATO 1ATO show details10RNANMR1997-08-14
37 1ATV 1ATV show details4RNANMR1997-08-14
38 1ATW 1ATW show details3RNANMR1997-08-14
39 1AUD 1AUD show details31RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNANMR1997-08-22
40 1AW4 1AW4 show details7DNANMR1997-10-09
41 1B23 PR0004 show details1GENE REGULATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.61998-12-04
42 1B36 1B36 show details10RNANMR1998-12-17
43 1BAU 1BAU show details1RNANMR1998-04-18
44 1BGZ 1BGZ show details6RNANMR1998-06-03
45 1BIV 1BIV show details5VIRAL PROTEIN/RNANMR1996-06-12
46 1BJ2 1BJ2 show details8RNANMR1998-07-02
47 1BN0 1BN0 show details11RNANMR1998-07-31
48 1BR3 UH0001 show details1DNA/RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction31998-08-13
49 1BVJ 1BVJ show details21RNANMR1998-08-31
50 1BYJ 1BYJ show details38RNANMR1998-10-16
51 1BYX 1BYX show details20DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1998-10-20
52 1BZ2 1BZ2 show details1RNANMR1998-11-05
53 1BZ3 1BZ3 show details1RNANMR1998-11-05
54 1BZT 1BZT show details1RNANMR1998-11-05
55 1BZU 1BZU show details1RNANMR1998-11-05
56 1C04 RR0002 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction51999-07-14
57 1C0A PR0019 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.41999-07-15
58 1C0O 1C0O show details19RNANMR1999-03-16
59 1C2Q 1C2Q show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1999-07-26
60 1C2W show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy7.51999-07-28
61 1C2X show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy7.51999-07-28
62 1C4L 1C4L show details1RNANMR1999-08-30
63 1CGP PDR006 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/DNAX-Ray Difraction31991-08-12
64 1CQ5 1CQ5 show details1RNANMR1999-08-05
65 1CQL 1CQL show details10RNANMR1999-08-06
66 1CSL AR0023 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.61999-08-18
67 1CX0 PR0010 show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.31999-08-27
68 1CX5 1CX5 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1999-08-28
69 1D0T 1D0T show details10RNANMR1999-09-14
70 1D0U 1D0U show details23RNANMR1999-09-14
71 1D4R AR0024 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction21999-10-05
72 1D6K 1D6K show details20RIBOSOMENMR1999-10-14
73 1D87 AHJ043 show details1DNA/RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction2.251992-08-28
74 1D88 AHJ044 show details1DNA/RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction21992-08-28
75 1D96 AHJ015 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction21992-10-17
76 1D9H AH0006 show details1DNA, RNAX-Ray Difraction1.61999-10-27
77 1DDY UR0008 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction31999-11-12
78 1DFU PR0018 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction1.81999-11-21
79 1DHH 1DHH show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1995-10-18
80 1DI2 PR0020 show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.91999-11-28
81 1DK1 RR0005 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.81999-12-06
82 1DNO AH0007 show details1DNA/RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction1.41999-12-16
83 1DNT AH0008 show details1DNA/RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction1.71999-12-16
84 1DNX AH0009 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction1.71999-12-16
85 1DQF AR0026 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22000-01-04
86 1DQH AR0027 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.72000-01-04
87 1DRN 1DRN show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1995-11-15
88 1DRR 1DRR show details10DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1997-10-21
89 1DRZ PR0005 show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.31998-09-01
90 1DUH UR0009 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72000-01-17
91 1DUL PR0021 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.82000-01-17
92 1DUQ AR0028 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.12000-01-18
93 1DXN 1DXN show details10DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR2000-01-11
94 1DZ5 1DZ5 show details13RIBONUCLEOPROTEIN/RNANMR2000-02-16
95 1E3M 1E3M show details1DNA BINDINGX-Ray Difraction2.22000-06-19
96 1E4P 1E4P show details20RNA RIBOZYMENMR2000-07-12
97 1E7K 1E7K show details1RNA-BINDING PROTEINX-Ray Difraction2.92000-08-29
98 1E8O 1E8O show details1ALU RIBONUCLEOPROTEIN PARTICLEX-Ray Difraction3.22000-09-28
99 1E95 1E95 show details15RNANMR2000-10-09
100 1EBQ 1EBQ show details5RNANMR1997-03-20
101 1EBR 1EBR show details5RNANMR1997-03-20
102 1EBS 1EBS show details5RNANMR1997-03-20
103 1EC6 PR0022 show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42000-01-25
104 1EFA PD0118 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.62000-02-07
105 1EFO AH0010 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction2.32000-02-09
106 1EFS 1EFS show details10DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR2000-02-10
107 1EFW PR0023 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction32000-02-10
108 1EGK UH0002 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction3.12000-02-15
109 1EHT 1EHT show details10RNANMR1997-03-20
110 1EHZ TR0001 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.932000-02-23
111 1EI2 1EI2 show details17RNANMR2000-02-23
112 1EIY PR0024 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.32000-02-29
113 1EJZ 1EJZ show details1RNANMR2000-03-06
114 1EKA 1EKA show details1RNANMR2000-03-07
115 1EKD 1EKD show details1RNANMR2000-03-07
116 1EKZ 1EKZ show details36CELL CYCLE/RNANMR2000-03-11
117 1ELH 1ELH show details6RNANMR1993-06-23
118 1EOR 1F9L show details1RNANMR2000-03-24
119 1ESH 1ESH show details1RNANMR2000-04-10
120 1ESY 1ESY show details20RNANMR2000-04-11
121 1ET4 DR0004 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.32000-04-12
122 1ETF 1ETF show details1VIRAL PROTEIN/RNANMR1996-08-28
123 1ETG 1ETG show details19VIRAL PROTEIN/RNANMR1996-08-28
124 1EUQ PR0025 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.12000-04-17
125 1EUY PR0026 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62000-04-19
126 1EVP AH0011 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction1.82000-04-20
127 1EVV TR0002 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction22000-04-20
128 1EXD PR0027 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72000-05-02
129 1EXY 1EXY show details12RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNANMR2000-05-05
130 1F1T UR0011 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82000-05-19
131 1F27 DR0005 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.32000-05-23
132 1F5G 1F5G show details26RNANMR2000-06-14
133 1F5H 1F5H show details26RNANMR2000-06-14
134 1F5U 1F5U show details1RNANMR2000-06-16
135 1F6U 1F6U show details20STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNANMR2000-06-23
136 1F6X 1F6X show details1RNANMR2000-06-23
137 1F6Z 1F6Z show details1RNANMR2000-06-24
138 1F78 1F78 show details1RNANMR2000-06-26
139 1F79 1F79 show details1RNANMR2000-06-23
140 1F7F 1F7F show details9RNANMR2000-06-27
141 1F7G 1F7G show details17RNANMR2000-06-27
142 1F7H 1F7H show details11RNANMR2000-06-27
143 1F7I 1F7I show details12RNANMR2000-06-27
144 1F7U PR0030 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22000-06-28
145 1F7V PR0031 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92000-06-28
146 1F7Y RR0010 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.82000-06-28
147 1F84 1F84 show details25RNANMR2000-06-28
148 1F85 1F85 show details20RNANMR2000-06-28
149 1F9L 1F9L show details1RNANMR2000-07-11
150 1FC8 1FC8 show details5RNA/DNA CHIMERANMR2000-07-18
151 1FCW show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy172000-07-19
152 1FEQ 1FEQ show details11RNANMR2000-07-21
153 1FEU RR0012 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.32000-07-23
154 1FFK RR0011 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.42000-07-25
155 1FFY PR0032 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22000-07-26
156 1FFZ RR0013 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.22000-07-26
157 1FG0 RR0014 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction32000-07-26
158 1FHK 1FHK show details15RNANMR2000-08-01
159 1FIR TR0003 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.32000-08-06
160 1FIX UHJ055 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction2.31996-10-24
161 1FJE 1FJE show details19STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNANMR2000-08-08
162 1FJG RR0016 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction32000-08-08
163 1FKA RR0017 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.32000-08-09
164 1FL8 1FL8 show details20RNANMR2000-08-11
165 1FMN 1FMN show details5RNANMR1995-12-04
166 1FOQ show details1RNAElectron Microscopy202000-08-28
167 1FQZ 1FQZ show details1RNANMR2000-09-07
168 1FUF AR0029 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.72000-09-15
169 1FW6 PD0181 show details1REPLICATION/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.72000-09-21
170 1FYO 1FYO show details25RNANMR2000-10-02
171 1FYP 1FYP show details29RNANMR2000-10-02
172 1G1X RR0019 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.62000-10-13
173 1G2J AR0030 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.972000-10-20
174 1G3A 1G3A show details1RNANMR2000-10-23
175 1G4Q AH0012 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction1.152000-10-27
176 1G59 PR0035 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42000-10-31
177 1G70 1G70 show details14VIRAL PROTEIN/RNANMR2000-11-08
178 1GAX PR0029 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92000-06-23
179 1GID URX053 show details1RIBOZYMEX-Ray Difraction2.51996-08-22
180 1GIX RR0031 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction5.52001-03-30
181 1GM5 1GM5 show details1HELICASEX-Ray Difraction3.242001-09-11
182 1GRZ UR0003 show details1RIBOZYMEX-Ray Difraction51998-09-14
183 1GTC 1GTC show details11DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1996-06-13
184 1GTR PTR003 show details1COMPLEX (LIGASE/TRNA)X-Ray Difraction2.51993-09-15
185 1GTS PTR002 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.81993-09-15
186 1GUC 1GUC show details30RNANMR1996-08-23
187 1GV6 1GV6 show details20LOCKED NUCLEIC ACIDNMR2002-02-06
188 1H0Q 1H0Q show details20DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR2002-06-27
189 1H1K 1H1K show details1VIRUS/VIRAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction102002-07-17
190 1H38 1H38 show details1TRANSFERASEX-Ray Difraction2.92002-08-24
191 1H4Q 1H4Q show details1AMINOACYL-TRNA SYNTHETASEX-Ray Difraction32001-05-13
192 1H4S 1H4S show details1AMINOACYL-TRNA SYNTHETASEX-Ray Difraction2.852001-05-14
193 1HC8 1HC8 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.82001-04-27
194 1HG9 1HG9 show details40DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR2000-12-13
195 1HHW 1HHW show details40ANTISENSENMR2000-12-29
196 1HHX 1HHX show details34ANTISENSENMR2000-12-29
197 1HI0 1HI0 show details1RNA POLYMERASEX-Ray Difraction32000-12-31
198 1HJI 1HJI show details20BACTERIOPHAGE HK022NMR2001-01-15
199 1HLX 1HLX show details20RNANMR1995-05-03
200 1HMH UHX026 show details1RIBOZYMEX-Ray Difraction2.61995-06-06
201 1HNW RR0020 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.42000-12-08
202 1HNX RR0021 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.42000-12-08
203 1HNZ RR0022 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.32000-12-08
204 1HO6 1HO6 show details10DNA, RNANMR2000-12-08
205 1HOQ 1HOQ show details10DNA, RNANMR2000-12-11
206 1HQ1 PR0037 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.522000-12-13
207 1HR0 RR0023 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.22000-12-20
208 1HR2 UR0012 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.252000-12-20
209 1HS1 1HS1 show details1RNANMR2000-12-22
210 1HS2 1HS2 show details1RNANMR2000-12-22
211 1HS3 1HS3 show details1RNANMR2000-12-22
212 1HS4 1HS4 show details1RNANMR2000-12-22
213 1HS8 1HS8 show details1RNANMR2000-12-25
214 1HVU PRV022 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction4.751998-06-30
215 1HWQ 1HWQ show details20RNANMR2001-01-09
216 1HYS PH0003 show details1TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction32001-01-22
217 1HZS UP0002 show details1PEPTIDE NUCLEIC ACIDX-Ray Difraction1.822001-01-26
218 1I0F AD0011 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.62001-01-29
219 1I0G AD0012 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.452001-01-29
220 1I0K AD0014 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.052001-01-29
221 1I0M AD0015 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.052001-01-29
222 1I0N AD0016 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.32001-01-29
223 1I0P AD0018 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.32001-01-29
224 1I0Q AD0019 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.32001-01-29
225 1I2X AH0013 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction2.42001-02-12
226 1I2Y AH0014 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction1.662001-02-12
227 1I3X 1I3X show details15RNANMR2001-02-17
228 1I3Y 1I3Y show details21RNANMR2001-02-17
229 1I46 1I46 show details1RNANMR2001-02-20
230 1I4B 1I4B show details1RNANMR2001-02-20
231 1I4C 1I4C show details1RNANMR2001-02-20
232 1I5W AD0020 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.42001-03-01
233 1I6H PH0004 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction3.32001-03-02
234 1I6U PR0047 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.62001-03-05
235 1I7J AR0031 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.192001-03-09
236 1I94 RR0024 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.22001-03-18
237 1I95 RR0025 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction4.52001-03-18
238 1I96 RR0026 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction4.22001-03-18
239 1I97 RR0027 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction4.52001-03-18
240 1I9F 1I9F show details7DE-NOVO PROTEIN/RNANMR2001-03-19
241 1I9V TR0004 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62001-03-21
242 1I9X AR0032 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.182001-03-21
243 1IBK RR0028 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.312001-03-28
244 1IBL RR0029 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.112001-03-28
245 1IBM RR0030 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.312001-03-28
246 1ICG AH0015 show details1DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.532001-03-31
247 1ID9 AH0016 show details1DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.62001-04-04
248 1IDV 1IDV show details10RNANMR2001-04-05
249 1IDW AH0017 show details1DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.82001-04-05
250 1IE1 1IE1 show details18RNANMR2001-04-05
251 1IE2 1IE2 show details21RNANMR2001-04-05
252 1IHA AH0018 show details1DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.62001-04-19
253 1IK1 1IK1 show details1RNANMR2001-05-01
254 1IK5 AR0033 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.82001-05-02
255 1IKD 1IKD show details30RNANMR1996-11-15
256 1IL2 PR0049 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62001-05-07
257 1IVS PR0069 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92002-03-29
258 1IXY PD0333 show details1TRANSFERASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.52002-07-09
259 1J1U PR0092 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.952002-12-17
260 1J2B PR0093 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.32002-12-29
261 1J4Y 1J4Y show details1RNANMR2001-12-12
262 1J5A RR0051 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52002-03-06
263 1J5E RR0052 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.052002-04-08
264 1J7T DR0006 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52001-05-18
265 1J9H AR0034 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.42001-05-25
266 1JB8 AH0019 show details1DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.382001-06-02
267 1JBR PR0051 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.152001-06-06
268 1JBS PR0052 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.972001-06-06
269 1JBT PR0053 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72001-06-06
270 1JGO RR0034 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction5.62001-06-26
271 1JGP RR0035 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction72001-06-26
272 1JGQ RR0036 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction52001-06-26
273 1JID PR0054 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.82001-07-02
274 1JJ2 RR0033 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.42001-07-03
275 1JO7 1JO7 show details32RNANMR2001-07-27
276 1JOX 1JOX show details24RNANMR2001-07-31
277 1JP0 1JP0 show details28RNANMR2001-07-31
278 1JTJ 1JTJ show details19RNANMR2001-08-21
279 1JTW 1JTW show details14RNANMR2001-08-22
280 1JU1 1JU1 show details15RNANMR2001-08-23
281 1JU7 1JU7 show details10RNANMR2001-08-23
282 1JUR 1JUR show details9RNANMR2001-08-26
283 1JWC 1JWC show details1RNANMR2001-09-03
284 1JWL PD0250 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/DNAX-Ray Difraction42001-09-04
285 1JZC 1JZC show details1RNANMR2001-09-14
286 1JZV AR0035 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.72001-09-17
287 1JZX RR0037 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.12001-09-17
288 1JZY RR0038 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52001-09-17
289 1JZZ RR0039 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.82001-09-17
290 1K01 RR0041 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52001-09-17
291 1K2G 1K2G show details1RNANMR2001-09-27
292 1K4A 1K4A show details20RNANMR2001-10-07
293 1K4B 1K4B show details20RNANMR2001-10-07
294 1K5I 1K5I show details10RNANMR2001-10-10
295 1K6G 1K6G show details20RNANMR2001-10-16
296 1K6H 1K6H show details20RNANMR2001-10-16
297 1K73 RR0042 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.012001-10-18
298 1K8A RR0043 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction32001-10-23
299 1K8S 1K8S show details1RNANMR2001-10-25
300 1K8W PR0060 show details1LYASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.852001-10-25
301 1K9M RR0044 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction32001-10-29
302 1K9W UR0017 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.12001-10-31
303 1KAJ 1KAJ show details1RNANMR1996-02-21
304 1KD1 RR0047 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction32001-11-12
305 1KD3 AR0036 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.82001-11-12
306 1KD4 AR0037 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.852001-11-12
307 1KD5 AR0038 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.582001-11-12
308 1KFO AR0039 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.62001-11-21
309 1KH6 UR0018 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92001-11-29
310 1KIS 1KIS show details1RNANMR1997-06-11
311 1KKA 1KKA show details8RNANMR2001-12-06
312 1KKS 1KKS show details15RNANMR2001-12-10
313 1KOC 1KOC show details1RNANMR1996-03-28
314 1KOD 1KOD show details1RNANMR1996-03-28
315 1KOG PR0064 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.52001-12-20
316 1KOS 1KOS show details8RNANMR1999-05-03
317 1KP7 1KP7 show details1RNANMR2001-12-29
318 1KPD 1KPD show details1RNANMR1997-01-02
319 1KPY 1KPY show details15RNANMR2002-01-03
320 1KPZ 1KPZ show details1RNANMR2002-01-03
321 1KQS RR0049 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.12002-01-07
322 1KUQ RR0050 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.842002-01-22
323 1KXK UR0019 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction32002-01-31
324 1L1C 1L1C show details1TRANSCRIPTION/RNANMR2002-02-15
325 1L1W 1L1W show details1RNANMR2002-02-20
326 1L2X UR0020 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.252002-02-25
327 1L3D UR0021 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.852002-02-26
328 1L3M 1L3M show details10DNA/RNANMR2002-02-28
329 1L3Z AR0040 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.012002-03-04
330 1L8V UR0022 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82002-03-21
331 1L9A PR0067 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92002-03-22
332 1LB2 PD0306 show details1GENE REGULATION/DNAX-Ray Difraction3.12002-04-01
333 1LC4 DR0007 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.542002-04-05
334 1LC6 1LC6 show details40RNANMR2002-04-05
335 1LDZ 1LDZ show details25RNANMR1998-08-18
336 1LMV 1LMV show details10RNANMR2002-05-02
337 1LNG PR0073 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.32002-05-03
338 1LNT AR0041 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.72002-05-03
339 1LPW 1LPW show details9RNANMR2002-05-08
340 1LU3 show details1RNAElectron Microscopy16.82002-05-21
341 1LUU 1LUU show details11RNANMR2002-05-23
342 1LUX 1LUX show details10RNANMR2002-05-23
343 1LVJ 1LVJ show details12RNANMR2002-05-28
344 1M1K RR0054 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.22002-06-19
345 1M5K PR0074 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42002-07-09
346 1M5L 1M5L show details15RNANMR2002-07-09
347 1M5O PR0075 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22002-07-09
348 1M5P PR0076 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62002-07-09
349 1M5R PD0334 show details1TRANSFERASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction1.82002-07-10
350 1M5V PR0077 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42002-07-09
351 1M82 1M82 show details31RNANMR2002-07-24
352 1M90 RR0055 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.82002-07-26
353 1ME0 1ME0 show details10DNA, RNANMR2002-08-07
354 1ME1 1ME1 show details10RNANMR2002-08-07
355 1MFJ 1MFJ show details10RNANMR2002-08-11
356 1MFK 1MFK show details20RNANMR2002-08-12
357 1MFQ PR0082 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.12002-08-13
358 1MFY 1MFY show details16RNANMR2002-08-14
359 1MHK UR0025 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52002-08-20
360 1MIS 1MIS show details1RNANMR1997-03-26
361 1MJ1 show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy132002-08-26
362 1MJI PR0083 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.52002-08-28
363 1ML5 show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy142002-08-30
364 1MLX AD0028 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.252002-08-31
365 1MME URX035 show details1RIBOZYMEX-Ray Difraction3.11995-12-09
366 1MMS RR0009 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.571999-04-14
367 1MNB 1MNB show details1VIRAL PROTEIN/RNANMR1996-07-25
368 1MNX 1MNX show details13RNANMR2002-09-06
369 1MSW PD0345 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.12002-09-19
370 1MSY UR0026 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.412002-09-19
371 1MT4 1MT4 show details17RNANMR2002-09-20
372 1MUV 1MUV show details1RNANMR2002-09-24
373 1MV1 1MV1 show details1RNANMR2002-09-24
374 1MV2 1MV2 show details1RNANMR2002-09-24
375 1MV6 1MV6 show details3RNANMR2002-09-24
376 1MWG 1MWG show details1RNANMR1996-12-13
377 1MWL DR0008 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42002-09-30
378 1MZP PR0085 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.652002-10-09
379 1N32 RR0056 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction32002-10-25
380 1N33 RR0057 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.352002-10-25
381 1N34 RR0058 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.82002-10-25
382 1N35 PR0087 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52002-10-25
383 1N36 RR0059 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.652002-10-25
384 1N38 PR0088 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82002-10-25
385 1N53 1N53 show details1RNANMR2002-11-04
386 1N66 1N66 show details20RNANMR2002-11-08
387 1N77 PR0089 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42002-11-13
388 1N78 PR0090 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.12002-11-13
389 1N8R RR0060 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction32002-11-21
390 1N8X 1N8X show details20RNANMR2002-11-21
391 1NA2 1NA2 show details18RNANMR2002-11-26
392 1NAO 1NAO show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1996-03-29
393 1NBK 1NBK show details1RNANMR2002-12-03
394 1NBR 1NBR show details15RNANMR2002-12-03
395 1NBS UR0027 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.152002-12-03
396 1NC0 1NC0 show details18RNANMR2002-12-04
397 1NEM 1NEM show details9RNANMR1999-03-15
398 1NG9 PD0367 show details1DNA BINDING PROTEINX-Ray Difraction2.62002-12-17
399 1NH3 PD0370 show details1ISOMERASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction3.12002-12-18
400 1NJI RR0061 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction32002-12-31
401 1NJM RR0063 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.62003-01-02
402 1NJN RR0064 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.72003-01-02
403 1NJO RR0065 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.72003-01-02
404 1NJP RR0066 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52003-01-02
405 1NKW RR0067 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.12003-01-05
406 1NLC AR0044 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.852003-01-07
407 1NNE PD0388 show details1DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNAX-Ray Difraction3.112003-01-13
408 1NTA DR0009 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92003-01-29
409 1NTB DR0010 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92003-01-29
410 1NTQ 1NTQ show details1DNA/RNANMR2003-01-30
411 1NTS 1NTS show details1RNA/DNANMR2003-01-30
412 1NTT 1NTT show details1RNA/DNANMR2003-01-30
413 1NUJ UR0028 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.82003-01-31
414 1NUV UR0030 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.812003-02-01
415 1NWX RR0068 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52003-02-07
416 1NWY RR0069 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.32003-02-07
417 1NXR 1NXR show details18DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1997-02-21
418 1NYB 1NYB show details15TRANSCRIPTION/RNANMR2003-02-12
419 1NYI UR0029 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.852003-02-12
420 1NZ1 1NZ1 show details17RNANMR2003-02-14
421 1NZG AD0029 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.62003-02-17
422 1O0B PR0095 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72003-02-20
423 1O0C PR0096 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72003-02-20
424 1O15 1O15 show details1RNANMR2002-10-21
425 1O3Q PD0398 show details1GENE REGULATION/DNAX-Ray Difraction32003-03-18
426 1O3R PD0399 show details1GENE REGULATION/DNAX-Ray Difraction32003-03-18
427 1O3S PD0400 show details1GENE REGULATION/DNAX-Ray Difraction32003-03-18
428 1O3T PD0401 show details1GENE REGULATION/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.82003-03-18
429 1O3Z AR0046 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.652003-05-16
430 1O9M 1O9M show details1ANTIBIOTIC/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42002-12-17
431 1OB2 1OB2 show details1HYDROLASE/NUCLEAR PROTEINX-Ray Difraction3.352003-01-24
432 1OCI 1OCI show details40DNANMR2003-02-07
433 1OFX AHJ040 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction21991-10-17
434 1OH5 1OH5 show details1DNA BINDINGX-Ray Difraction2.92003-05-23
435 1OH6 1OH6 show details1DNA BINDINGX-Ray Difraction2.42003-05-23
436 1OH7 1OH7 show details1DNA BINDINGX-Ray Difraction2.52003-05-23
437 1OH8 1OH8 show details1DNA BINDINGX-Ray Difraction2.92003-05-23
438 1OKA 1OKA show details7DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1996-04-19
439 1OKF 1OKF show details20DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR2003-07-23
440 1OLN 1OLN show details1ANTIBIOTICNMR2003-08-08
441 1OND RR0070 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.42003-02-27
442 1OO7 1OO7 show details4DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR2003-03-03
443 1OOA PR0094 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.452003-03-03
444 1OQ0 1OQ0 show details20RNANMR2003-03-06
445 1OSU URF042 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.41995-11-08
446 1OSW 1OSW show details23RNANMR2003-03-20
447 1OW9 1OW9 show details11RNANMR2003-03-28
448 1P5M 1P5M show details22RNANMR2003-04-27
449 1P5N 1P5N show details20RNANMR2003-04-27
450 1P5O 1P5O show details12RNANMR2003-04-27
451 1P5P 1P5P show details1RNANMR2003-04-27
452 1P6V PR0098 show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.22003-04-30
453 1P9X RR0071 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.42003-05-13
454 1PBL 1PBL show details1RNANMR1996-08-05
455 1PBM 1PBM show details1RNANMR1996-08-05
456 1PBR 1PBR show details1RNANMR1996-09-12
457 1PJG UH0005 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction1.152003-06-02
458 1PJO UH0006 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction1.12003-06-03
459 1PJY 1PJY show details20RNANMR2003-06-04
460 1PNS RR0072 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction8.72003-06-13
461 1PNU RR0073 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction8.72003-06-13
462 1PNX RR0074 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction9.52003-06-13
463 1PNY RR0075 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction9.52003-06-13
464 1PUP UPNA56 show details1PEPTIDE NUCLEIC ACIDX-Ray Difraction1.71996-11-01
465 1PWF AD0030 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.162003-07-01
466 1Q29 UR0032 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction32003-07-23
467 1Q2R PR0101 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92003-07-25
468 1Q2S PR0102 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.22003-07-25
469 1Q75 1Q75 show details20RNANMR2003-08-15
470 1Q7Y RR0076 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.22003-08-20
471 1Q81 RR0077 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.952003-08-20
472 1Q82 RR0078 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.982003-08-20
473 1Q86 RR0079 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction32003-08-20
474 1Q8N 1Q8N show details25RNANMR2003-08-21
475 1Q93 UR0033 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.252003-08-22
476 1Q96 UR0034 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.752003-08-22
477 1Q9A UR0035 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.042003-08-22
478 1QA6 PR0015 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.81999-04-15
479 1QBP AR0025 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.11999-04-26
480 1QC0 AR0021 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.551999-05-17
481 1QC8 1QC8 show details29RNANMR1999-05-18
482 1QCU AR0020 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.21999-05-14
483 1QD3 1QD3 show details17RNANMR1999-07-07
484 1QES 1QES show details30RNANMR1997-03-04
485 1QET 1QET show details30RNANMR1997-03-04
486 1QF6 PR0006 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.91999-04-06
487 1QFQ 1QFQ show details29TRANSCRIPTION/RNANMR1999-04-12
488 1QLN 1QLN show details1NUCLEOTIDYLTRANSFERASEX-Ray Difraction2.41999-09-01
489 1QPY UP0001 show details1PEPTIDE NUCLEIC ACIDX-Ray Difraction2.21999-05-14
490 1QRS PTR009 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.61996-06-14
491 1QRT PTR010 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.71996-06-14
492 1QRU PTR011 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction31996-06-14
493 1QTQ PTE003 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.251998-01-28
494 1QU2 PR0014 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.21999-07-06
495 1QU3 PR0013 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.91999-07-06
496 1QVF RR0080 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.12003-08-27
497 1QVG RR0081 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.92003-08-27
498 1QWA 1QWA show details17RNANMR2003-09-01
499 1QWB 1QWB show details17RNANMR2003-09-01
500 1QZW PR0104 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction4.12003-09-18
501 1R2P 1R2P show details10RNANMR2003-09-29
502 1R3E PR0105 show details1LYASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.12003-10-01
503 1R3G AD0031 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.162003-10-01
504 1R3O UR0036 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.92003-10-02
505 1R3X 1R3X show details10DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1998-02-06
506 1R4H 1R4H show details1RNANMR2003-10-06
507 1R7W 1R7W show details20RNANMR2003-10-22
508 1R7Z 1R7Z show details20RNANMR2003-10-22
509 1R9F PR0106 show details1VIRAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.852003-10-28
510 1R9S PH0006 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction4.252003-10-30
511 1R9T PH0007 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction3.52003-10-30
512 1RAW 1RAW show details10RNANMR1996-07-17
513 1RC7 PR0107 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.152003-11-03
514 1RFR 1RFR show details20RNANMR2003-11-10
515 1RHT 1RHT show details1RNANMR1995-03-03
516 1RKJ 1RKJ show details14TRANSCRIPTION/RNANMR2003-11-21
517 1RLG PR0108 show details1STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72003-11-25
519 1RNA ARN035 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.251990-02-01
520 1RNG 1RNG show details5RNANMR1995-09-05
521 1RNK 1RNK show details1RNANMR1995-01-11
522 1ROQ 1ROQ show details10RNANMR2003-12-02
523 1RPU PR0109 show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52003-12-03
524 1RRD 1RRD show details10DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1997-10-21
525 1RRR 1RRR show details10RNANMR1997-10-21
526 1RUN PDR024 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.71996-05-26
527 1RUO PDR025 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.71996-05-26
528 1RXA ARH063 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.91995-05-05
529 1RXB ARH064 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.81995-05-05
530 1RY1 show details1TRANSLATIONElectron Microscopy122003-12-19
531 1S03 PR0111 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72003-12-29
532 1S0V PH0008 show details1TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction3.22004-01-05
533 1S1H show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy11.72004-01-06
534 1S1I show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy11.72004-01-06
535 1S2F 1S2F show details1RNANMR2004-01-08
536 1S34 1S34 show details15RNANMR2004-01-12
537 1S72 RR0082 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.42004-01-28
538 1S76 PH0009 show details1TRANSFERASEX-Ray Difraction2.882004-01-29
539 1S77 PH0010 show details1TRANSFERASEX-Ray Difraction2.692004-01-29
540 1S9S 1S9S show details20RNANMR2004-02-05
541 1SA9 AR0048 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.862004-02-09
542 1SAQ AR0049 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72004-02-09
543 1SCL 1SCL show details6RNANMR1994-11-11
544 1SDR ARL062 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.61994-12-11
545 1SER PTR004 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.91994-02-21
546 1SFO PH0011 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction3.612004-02-20
547 1SJ3 PR0122 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22004-03-02
548 1SJ4 PR0123 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72004-03-02
549 1SJF PR0118 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.752004-03-03
550 1SLO 1SLO show details1RNANMR1996-05-24
551 1SLP 1SLP show details16RNANMR1996-05-24
552 1SM1 RR0083 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.422004-03-08
553 1SXQ PD0534 show details1TRANSFERASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction1.82004-03-31
554 1SY4 1SY4 show details12RNANMR2004-03-31
555 1SYZ 1SYZ show details14RNANMR2004-04-02
556 1SZ1 PR0126 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction6.212004-04-02
557 1SZY 1SZY show details1RNANMR2004-04-06
558 1T0D UR0037 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22004-04-08
559 1T0E UR0038 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.72004-04-08
560 1T0K PR0125 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.242004-04-09
561 1T28 1T28 show details1RNANMR2004-04-20
562 1T4L 1T4L show details15RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNANMR2004-04-29
563 1T4X 1T4X show details12RNANMR2004-04-30
564 1TBK 1TBK show details11RNANMR2004-05-20
565 1TEZ PD0552 show details1LYASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction1.82004-05-26
566 1TFN 1TFN show details1RNANMR1996-07-10
567 1TFW PR0128 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22004-05-27
568 1TFY PR0129 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.22004-05-27
569 1TJZ 1TJZ show details20RNANMR2004-06-07
570 1TLR 1TLR show details20RNANMR1997-09-11
571 1TN1 1TN1 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction31986-12-04
572 1TN2 TRNA03 show details1T-RNAX-Ray Difraction31986-08-22
573 1TOB 1TOB show details7RNANMR1996-12-12
574 1TRA TRNA06 show details1T-RNAX-Ray Difraction31986-05-16
575 1TTT PTR012 show details1COMPLEX (ELONGATION FACTOR/TRNA)X-Ray Difraction2.71995-11-16
576 1TXS 1TXS show details20RNANMR2004-07-06
577 1U0B PR0135 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.32004-07-13
578 1U1Y PR0132 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.852004-07-16
579 1U2A 1U2A show details1RNANMR1997-08-19
580 1U3K 1U3K show details10RNANMR2004-07-22
581 1U63 PR0136 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.42004-07-29
582 1U6B PR0133 show details1STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.12004-07-29
583 1U6P 1U6P show details20VIRAL PROTEIN/RNANMR2004-07-30
584 1U8D UR0039 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.952004-08-05
585 1U9S UR0040 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92004-08-10
586 1ULL 1ULL show details7VIRAL PROTEIN/RNANMR1996-11-05
587 1UN6 1UN6 show details1RNA-BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.12003-09-04
588 1UON 1UON show details1POLYMERASEElectron Microscopy7.62003-09-21
589 1URN PRV002 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.921995-01-04
590 1UTS 1UTS show details16HIV-1NMR2003-12-10
591 1UUD 1UUD show details1HIV-1NMR2003-12-18
592 1UUI 1UUI show details1HIV-1NMR2003-12-19
593 1UUU 1UUU show details15RNANMR1997-08-12
594 1UVN 1UVN show details1POLYMERASEX-Ray Difraction32004-01-21
595 1VBX PR0114 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72004-03-03
596 1VBY PR0115 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92004-03-03
597 1VBZ PR0116 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82004-03-03
598 1VC0 PR0117 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52004-03-03
599 1VC5 PR0119 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.42004-03-04
600 1VC6 PR0120 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82004-03-04
601 1VC7 PR0121 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.452004-03-05
602 1VFG PR0124 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82004-04-13
603 1VOP 1VOP show details33RNANMR1997-08-30
604 1VOQ RR0085 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction11.52004-10-06
605 1VOR RR0086 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction11.52004-10-06
606 1VOS RR0087 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction11.52004-10-06
607 1VOU RR0088 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction11.52004-10-06
608 1VOV RR0089 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction11.52004-10-06
609 1VOW RR0090 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction11.52004-10-06
610 1VOX RR0091 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction11.52004-10-06
611 1VOY RR0092 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction11.52004-10-06
612 1VOZ RR0093 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction11.52004-10-06
613 1VP0 RR0094 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction11.52004-10-06
614 1VQ6 RR0102 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.72004-12-16
615 1VQ8 RR0104 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.22004-12-16
616 1VQ9 RR0105 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.42004-12-16
617 1VQK RR0106 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.32004-12-16
618 1VQN RR0109 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.42004-12-16
619 1VQO RR0110 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.22004-12-16
620 1VS5 RR0143 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.462006-08-04
621 1VS6 RR0144 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.462006-08-04
622 1VS7 RR0145 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.462006-08-04
623 1VS8 RR0146 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.462006-08-04
624 1VT2 NA0766 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.32010-09-06
625 1VTQ TRNA05 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction31985-06-11
626 1VVL NA2572 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.222013-06-07
627 1VVN NA2574 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.222013-06-07
628 1VVP NA2576 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.92013-06-13
629 1VVR NA2578 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.92013-06-13
630 1VVT NA2582 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.92013-06-25
631 1VVV NA2584 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.92013-06-25
632 1VVX NA3087 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.922013-06-27
633 1VVZ NA3089 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.922013-06-27
634 1VW3 show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy3.22014-01-22
635 1VW7 show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy6.12014-04-16
636 1VW9 show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy6.12014-04-16
637 1VWS show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy6.12014-04-16
638 1VWV show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy6.12014-04-16
639 1VX6 show details1RIBOSOME/INHIBITORElectron Microscopy3.22014-06-02
640 1VX8 NA3091 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.942013-07-12
641 1VXI NA3093 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.942013-07-12
642 1VXK NA3095 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.482013-07-22
643 1VXM NA3097 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.482013-07-22
644 1VXP NA3099 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.142013-07-23
645 1VXS NA3101 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.142013-07-23
646 1VXU show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy6.22014-05-29
647 1VXX show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy6.32014-05-29
648 1VY0 NA3103 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.682014-03-25
649 1VY8 NA3124 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.242014-06-28
650 1VY9 NA3125 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.242014-06-28
651 1W2B 1W2B show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52004-07-01
652 1W7A 1W7A show details1DNA BINDINGX-Ray Difraction2.272004-08-31
653 1W86 1W86 show details20DNANMR2004-09-16
654 1WB9 1WB9 show details1DNA-BINDINGX-Ray Difraction2.12004-10-31
655 1WBB 1WBB show details1DNA-BINDINGX-Ray Difraction2.52004-10-31
656 1WBD 1WBD show details1DNA-BINDINGX-Ray Difraction2.42004-10-31
657 1WKS 1WKS show details21RNANMR2004-06-04
658 1WNE PR0134 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction32004-07-31
659 1WSU PR0143 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.32004-11-11
660 1WTS 1WTS show details1RNANMR1998-06-26
661 1WTT 1WTT show details11RNANMR1998-06-26
662 1WV5 AD0035 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction2.32004-12-11
663 1WV6 AD0036 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction2.552004-12-11
664 1WVD AR0055 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.932004-12-15
665 1WZ2 PR0145 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.212005-02-21
666 1X8W UR0041 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.82004-08-18
667 1X9N PD0587 show details1LIGASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction32004-08-23
668 1XBP RR0084 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52004-08-31
669 1XHP 1XHP show details10RNANMR2004-09-20
670 1XJ9 UP0006 show details1PEPTIDE NUCLEIC ACIDX-Ray Difraction2.62004-09-23
671 1XJR UR0044 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72004-09-24
672 1XMO RR0095 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.252004-10-04
673 1XMQ RR0096 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction32004-10-04
674 1XNQ RR0097 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.052004-10-05
675 1XNR RR0098 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.12004-10-05
676 1XOK PR0141 show details1VIRAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction32004-10-06
677 1XP7 UR0045 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52004-10-08
678 1XPE UR0046 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.942004-10-08
679 1XPF UR0047 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.32004-10-08
680 1XSG 1XSG show details1RNANMR2004-10-19
681 1XSH 1XSH show details1RNANMR2004-10-19
682 1XST 1XST show details1RNANMR2004-10-20
683 1XSU 1XSU show details1RNANMR2004-10-20
684 1XV0 1XV0 show details33RNANMR2004-10-26
685 1XV6 1XV6 show details30RNANMR2004-10-27
686 1XWP 1XWP show details1RNANMR2004-11-02
687 1XWU 1XWU show details1RNANMR2004-11-02
688 1Y0Q UR0048 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.62004-11-16
689 1Y1W PH0014 show details1TRANSCRIPTION,TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction42004-11-19
690 1Y26 UR0051 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.12004-11-20
691 1Y27 UR0052 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42004-11-20
692 1Y39 PR0144 show details1STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82004-11-24
693 1Y3O UR0049 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72004-11-26
694 1Y3S UR0050 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.252004-11-26
695 1Y69 RR0099 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.332004-12-04
696 1Y6F PD0616 show details1TRANSFERASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.42004-12-06
697 1Y6G PD0617 show details1TRANSFERASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.82004-12-06
698 1Y6S AR0052 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92004-12-07
699 1Y6T AR0050 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62004-12-07
700 1Y73 AR0051 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92004-12-08
701 1Y77 PH0015 show details1TRANSCRIPTION,TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction4.52004-12-08
702 1Y7F AD0034 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.62004-12-08
703 1Y84 AD0037 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.62004-12-10
704 1Y86 AD0038 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.72004-12-10
705 1Y8L AD0041 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.52004-12-13
706 1Y8V AD0042 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.52004-12-13
707 1Y8Z PD0618 show details1TRANSFERASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction1.92004-12-14
708 1Y90 AR0053 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.082004-12-14
709 1Y95 AR0054 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82004-12-14
710 1Y99 AR0056 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42004-12-15
711 1Y9F AD0039 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.62004-12-15
712 1Y9S AD0040 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.552004-12-16
713 1YA6 PD0620 show details1TRANSFERASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.42004-12-17
714 1YB9 AD0043 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.652004-12-20
715 1YBC AD0044 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.82004-12-20
716 1YFG TRNA12 show details1T-RNAX-Ray Difraction31997-05-08
717 1YFV 1YFV show details1RNANMR1997-05-17
718 1YG3 1YG3 show details20RNANMR2005-01-04
719 1YG4 1YG4 show details1RNANMR2005-01-04
720 1YHQ RR0112 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.42005-01-10
721 1YI2 RR0113 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.652005-01-11
722 1YIJ RR0114 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.62005-01-12
723 1YIT RR0115 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.82005-01-13
724 1YJ9 RR0116 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.92005-01-13
725 1YJN RR0117 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction32005-01-14
726 1YJW RR0118 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.92005-01-15
727 1YKQ UR0053 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.52005-01-18
728 1YKV UR0054 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.32005-01-18
729 1YL3 RR0119 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction5.52005-01-19
730 1YL4 RR0120 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction5.52005-01-19
731 1YLG 1YLG show details20RNANMR2005-01-19
732 1YLS UR0055 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction32005-01-19
733 1YMO 1YMO show details20RNANMR2005-01-21
734 1YN1 1YN1 show details11RNANMR2005-01-23
735 1YN2 1YN2 show details11RNANMR2005-01-23
736 1YNC 1YNC show details20RNANMR2005-01-24
737 1YNE 1YNE show details20RNANMR2005-01-24
738 1YNG 1YNG show details16RNANMR2005-01-24
739 1YRJ DR0011 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72005-02-03
740 1YRM AR0057 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52005-02-04
741 1YSH show details1STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNAElectron Microscopy9.52005-02-08
742 1YSV 1YSV show details13RNANMR2005-02-09
743 1YTU PR0146 show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52005-02-11
744 1YTY PR0152 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.292005-02-11
745 1YVP PR0151 show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22005-02-16
746 1YXP UR0057 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42005-02-22
747 1YY0 AR0058 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.22005-02-23
748 1YYK PR0147 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52005-02-25
749 1YYO PR0148 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92005-02-25
750 1YYW PR0149 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82005-02-25
751 1YZ9 PR0150 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.12005-02-28
752 1YZD AR0059 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.352005-02-28
753 1Z2J 1Z2J show details20RNANMR2005-03-08
754 1Z30 1Z30 show details15RNANMR2005-03-10
755 1Z31 1Z31 show details10RNANMR2005-03-10
756 1Z43 UR0056 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62005-03-15
757 1Z58 RR0121 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.82005-03-17
758 1Z79 AR0060 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.552005-03-24
759 1Z7F AR0061 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.12005-03-24
760 1ZBH PR0153 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction32005-04-08
761 1ZBI PH0016 show details1HYDROLASE/RNA/DNAX-Ray Difraction1.852005-04-08
762 1ZBL PH0017 show details2HYDROLASE/RNA/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.22005-04-08
763 1ZBN 1ZBN show details10RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNANMR2005-04-08
764 1ZC5 1ZC5 show details20RNANMR2005-04-11
765 1ZCI UR0058 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.652005-04-12
766 1ZDH PRV003 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.71996-09-24
767 1ZDI PRV006 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.71996-09-24
768 1ZDJ PRV021 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.91997-12-18
769 1ZDK PR0003 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.861998-12-04
770 1ZE2 PR0154 show details1LYASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction32005-04-16
771 1ZEV AR0062 show details2RNAX-Ray Difraction1.582005-04-19
772 1ZH5 PR0156 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.852005-04-22
773 1ZHO PR0157 show details1STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62005-04-26
774 1ZIF 1ZIF show details10RNANMR1996-07-27
775 1ZIG 1ZIG show details10RNANMR1996-07-27
776 1ZIH 1ZIH show details10RNANMR1996-07-27
777 1ZJW PR0155 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52005-05-01
778 1ZL3 PR0160 show details1LYASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82005-05-05
779 1ZO1 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAElectron Microscopy13.82005-05-12
780 1ZO3 show details1RNAElectron Microscopy13.82005-05-12
781 1ZRF PD0673 show details1GENE REGULATION/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.12005-05-19
782 1ZSE PR0167 show details1RNA/VIRUS/VIRAL PROTEINX-Ray Difraction32005-05-24
783 1ZX7 AR0064 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.152005-06-07
784 1ZZ5 DR0013 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction32005-06-13
785 1ZZN PR0170 show details1STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.372005-06-14
786 205D URL029 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.641995-04-14
787 214D 214D show details40DNANMR1995-07-07
788 216D GHHB34 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction1.731995-07-18
789 217D GHHB35 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction1.71995-07-18
790 219D 219D show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDNMR1995-07-25
791 222D AHJ068 show details1DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.91995-06-26
792 246D AHH071 show details1DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.21996-01-25
793 247D UHK045 show details1DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.81996-02-02
794 248D UHK046 show details1DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.831996-02-02
795 255D ARL037 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction21993-12-21
796 259D ARH074 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.461996-05-03
797 280D URL050 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.41996-08-22
798 283D URL051 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.31996-09-03
799 28SP 28SP show details7RNANMR1999-04-07
800 28SR 28SR show details1RNANMR1999-04-15
801 299D URX057 show details1RIBOZYMEX-Ray Difraction31996-12-14
802 2A04 DR0014 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.952005-06-15
803 2A0P AR0063 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.952005-06-16
804 2A2E UR0064 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.852005-06-22
805 2A43 UR0066 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.342005-06-27
806 2A64 UR0065 show details1HYDROLASE, RNAX-Ray Difraction3.32005-07-01
807 2A9L 2A9L show details1RNANMR1998-04-07
808 2A9X 2A9X show details10RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNANMR2005-07-12
809 2AAR RR0122 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52005-07-14
810 2AB4 PR0169 show details1ISOMERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42005-07-14
811 2ADT 2ADT show details20RNANMR2005-07-20
812 2AHT 2AHT show details20RNANMR2005-07-28
813 2AKE PR0171 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.12005-08-03
814 2ANN PR0172 show details1RNA-BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.32005-08-11
815 2ANR PR0173 show details1RNA-BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.942005-08-11
816 2AO5 AR0065 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.12005-08-12
817 2AP0 2AP0 show details20RNANMR2005-08-15
818 2AP5 2AP5 show details1RNANMR2005-08-15
819 2AU4 2AU4 show details1RNANMR2005-08-26
820 2AVY RR0123 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.462005-08-30
821 2AW4 RR0124 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.462005-08-31
822 2AW7 RR0125 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.462005-08-31
823 2AWB RR0126 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.462005-08-31
824 2AXB AD0057 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.612005-09-04
825 2AZ0 PR0181 show details1VIRAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62005-09-09
826 2AZ2 PR0182 show details1VIRAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62005-09-09
827 2AZX PR0176 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82005-09-12
828 2B2D PR0177 show details1VIRUS/VIRAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92005-09-19
829 2B2E PR0178 show details1VIRUS/VIRAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.152005-09-19
830 2B2G PR0179 show details1VIRUS/VIRAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.022005-09-19
831 2B3J PR0180 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction22005-09-20
832 2B57 UR0070 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.152005-09-27
833 2B63 PR0183 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.82005-09-30
834 2B64 RR0128 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction5.92005-09-30
835 2B66 RR0129 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction5.92005-09-30
836 2B6G 2B6G show details1RNA BINDING PROTEINNMR2005-10-01
837 2B7G 2B7G show details10RNANMR2005-10-04
838 2B8R UR0071 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62005-10-10
839 2B8S UR0072 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.762005-10-10
840 2B9M RR0130 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction6.762005-10-12
841 2B9N RR0131 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction6.762005-10-12
842 2B9O RR0132 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction6.462005-10-12
843 2B9P RR0133 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction6.462005-10-12
844 2BE0 DR0019 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.632005-10-21
845 2BEE DR0020 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62005-10-24
846 2BGG 2BGG show details1RNA-BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22004-12-22
847 2BH2 2BH2 show details1TRANSFERASEX-Ray Difraction2.152005-01-06
848 2BJ2 2BJ2 show details1RNANMR1998-07-02
849 2BJ6 2BJ6 show details1NUCLEIC ACID (HNA/RNA)X-Ray Difraction2.62005-01-30
850 2BNY 2BNY show details1VIRUSX-Ray Difraction32005-04-06
851 2BQ5 2BQ5 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.912005-04-27
852 2BS0 2BS0 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.452005-05-13
853 2BS1 2BS1 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82005-05-13
854 2BTE 2BTE show details1SYNTHETASEX-Ray Difraction2.92005-05-31
855 2BU1 2BU1 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22005-06-08
856 2BYT 2BYT show details1SYNTHETASEX-Ray Difraction3.32005-08-04
857 2C4Q 2C4Q show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.382005-10-21
858 2C4Y 2C4Y show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.682005-10-25
859 2C4Z 2C4Z show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62005-10-25
860 2C50 2C50 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.652005-10-25
861 2C51 2C51 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82005-10-25
862 2CD1 2CD1 show details1NUCLEIC ACIDNMR2006-01-19
863 2CD3 2CD3 show details1NUCLEIC ACIDNMR2006-01-19
864 2CD5 2CD5 show details1NUCLEIC ACIDNMR2006-01-19
865 2CD6 2CD6 show details1NUCLEIC ACIDNMR2006-01-19
866 2CGP PDT049 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.21997-01-31
867 2CKY 2CKY show details1NUCLEIC ACIDX-Ray Difraction2.92006-04-24
868 2CSX PR0161 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72005-05-23
869 2CT8 PR0162 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72005-05-23
870 2CV0 PR0163 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42005-05-31
871 2CV1 PR0164 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.412005-05-31
872 2CV2 PR0165 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.692005-05-31
873 2CZJ PR0168 show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.012005-07-13
874 2D17 2D17 show details11RNANMR2005-08-15
875 2D18 2D18 show details11RNANMR2005-08-15
876 2D19 2D19 show details11RNANMR2005-08-15
877 2D1A 2D1A show details1RNANMR2005-08-15
878 2D1B 2D1B show details1RNANMR2005-08-15
879 2D3O RR0127 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.352005-09-30
880 2D6F PR0184 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.152005-11-13
881 2DD1 2DD1 show details24RNANMR2006-01-19
882 2DD2 2DD2 show details27RNANMR2006-01-19
883 2DD3 2DD3 show details18RNANMR2006-01-19
884 2DER PR0192 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.12006-02-17
885 2DET PR0193 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.42006-02-17
886 2DEU PR0194 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.42006-02-17
887 2DLC PR0198 show details1LIGASE/TRNAX-Ray Difraction2.42006-04-18
888 2DPC BD0097 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.552006-05-08
889 2DQO AH0022 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction2.32006-05-29
890 2DQP AH0023 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction2.12006-05-29
891 2DQQ AH0024 show details1DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction22006-05-29
892 2DR2 PR0212 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction32006-06-05
893 2DR5 PR0213 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82006-06-08
894 2DR7 PR0214 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82006-06-08
895 2DR8 PR0215 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52006-06-08
896 2DR9 PR0216 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82006-06-08
897 2DRA PR0217 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52006-06-08
898 2DRB PR0218 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82006-06-08
899 2DU3 PR0219 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62006-07-20
900 2DU4 PR0220 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82006-07-20
901 2DU5 PR0221 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.22006-07-20
902 2DU6 PR0222 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.32006-07-20
903 2DVI PR0226 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.612006-07-31
904 2DXI PR0228 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22006-08-28
905 2E2H PH0028 show details1TRANSCRIPTION,TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction3.952006-11-14
906 2E2I PH0029 show details1TRANSCRIPTION,TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction3.412006-11-14
907 2E2J PH0030 show details1TRANSCRIPTION,TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction3.52006-11-14
908 2E5L RR0157 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.32006-12-21
909 2E9R PR0262 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.812007-01-26
910 2E9T PR0263 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62007-01-26
911 2E9Z PR0264 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction32007-01-29
912 2EC0 PR0266 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.752007-02-09
913 2EES UR0111 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.752007-02-18
914 2EET UR0112 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.952007-02-18
915 2EEU UR0113 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.952007-02-19
916 2EEV UR0114 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.952007-02-19
917 2EEW UR0115 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.252007-02-19
918 2ES5 2ES5 show details20RNANMR2005-10-25
919 2ESE 2ESE show details20PROTEIN/RNA COMPLEXNMR2005-10-26
920 2ESI DR0021 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction32005-10-26
921 2ESJ DR0022 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22005-10-26
922 2ET3 DR0015 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82005-10-27
923 2ET4 DR0016 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42005-10-27
924 2ET5 DR0017 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22005-10-27
925 2ET8 DR0018 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52005-10-27
926 2EUY 2EUY show details15RNANMR2005-10-30
927 2EVY 2EVY show details18RNANMR2005-11-01
928 2EZ6 PR0185 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.052005-11-10
929 2F4S DR0027 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82005-11-24
930 2F4T DR0028 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction32005-11-24
931 2F4U DR0029 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62005-11-24
932 2F4V RR0134 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.82005-11-24
933 2F4X 2F4X show details18RNANMR2005-11-24
934 2F87 2F87 show details13RNANMR2005-12-02
935 2F88 2F88 show details10RNANMR2005-12-02
936 2F8K PR0186 show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/ RNAX-Ray Difraction22005-12-02
937 2F8S PR0188 show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction32005-12-03
938 2F8T PR0189 show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.12005-12-03
939 2FCX DR0023 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction22005-12-13
940 2FCY DR0024 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22005-12-13
941 2FCZ DR0025 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.012005-12-13
942 2FD0 DR0026 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.82005-12-13
943 2FDT 2FDT show details11RNANMR2005-12-14
944 2FEY 2FEY show details10RNANMR2005-12-16
945 2FIH BD0091 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.132005-12-29
946 2FII BD0092 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.242005-12-29
947 2FIJ AD0060 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.192005-12-29
948 2FIL AD0061 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.692005-12-29
949 2FK6 PR0190 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92006-01-04
950 2FMT PR0059 show details1COMPLEX (METHYLTRANSFERASE/TRNA)X-Ray Difraction2.81998-07-29
951 2FQN AR0066 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.32006-01-18
952 2FRL 2FRL show details20RNANMR2006-01-19
953 2FY1 2FY1 show details17STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNANMR2006-02-07
954 2G1G 2G1G show details20RNANMR2006-02-14
955 2G1W 2G1W show details15RNANMR2006-02-15
956 2G32 UR0077 show details2RNAX-Ray Difraction1.32006-02-17
957 2G3S AR0067 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.52006-02-20
958 2G5K DR0030 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82006-02-23
959 2G5Q DR0031 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72006-02-23
960 2G8F PH0019 show details1HYDROLASE/RNA/DNAX-Ray Difraction1.652006-03-02
961 2G8H PH0020 show details1HYDROLASE/RNA/DNAX-Ray Difraction1.852006-03-02
962 2G8I PH0021 show details1HYDROLASE/RNA/DNAX-Ray Difraction1.652006-03-02
963 2G8K PH0022 show details1HYDROLASE/RNA/DNAX-Ray Difraction1.652006-03-02
964 2G8U PH0023 show details1HYDROLASE/RNA/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.72006-03-03
965 2G8V PH0024 show details1HYDROLASE/RNA/DNAX-Ray Difraction1.852006-03-03
966 2G8W PH0025 show details1HYDROLASE/RNA/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.052006-03-03
967 2G91 AR0069 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.52006-03-04
968 2G92 AR0068 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.612006-03-04
969 2G9C UR0095 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.72006-03-06
970 2GBH 2GBH show details5RNANMR2006-03-10
971 2GCS UR0078 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.12006-03-14
972 2GCV UR0079 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.12006-03-14
973 2GDI UR0081 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.052006-03-16
974 2GIO 2GIO show details20RNANMR2006-03-29
975 2GIP 2GIP show details20RNANMR2006-03-29
976 2GIS UR0082 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92006-03-29
977 2GJW PR0197 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.852006-03-31
978 2GM0 2GM0 show details10RNANMR2006-04-05
979 2GO5 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAElectron Microscopy7.42006-04-12
980 2GOZ UR0084 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22006-04-15
981 2GPM UR0085 show details2RNAX-Ray Difraction1.42006-04-18
982 2GQ4 UR0086 show details2RNAX-Ray Difraction1.352006-04-20
983 2GQ5 UR0087 show details2RNAX-Ray Difraction1.42006-04-20
984 2GQ6 UR0088 show details2RNAX-Ray Difraction1.32006-04-20
985 2GQ7 UR0089 show details2RNAX-Ray Difraction1.62006-04-20
986 2GRW 2GRW show details12RNANMR2006-04-25
987 2GUN AH0021 show details1DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82006-05-01
988 2GV3 2GV3 show details20RNANMR2006-05-02
989 2GV4 2GV4 show details13RNANMR2006-05-02
990 2GVO 2GVO show details21RNANMR2006-05-03
991 2GXB PR0210 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.252006-05-08
992 2GY9 show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy152006-05-09
993 2GYA show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy152006-05-09
994 2GYB show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy152006-05-09
995 2GYC show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy152006-05-09
996 2H0N UD0068 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.532006-05-15
997 2H0S UR0091 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.352006-05-15
998 2H0W UR0092 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42006-05-15
999 2H0X UR0093 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.32006-05-15
1000 2H0Z UR0094 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72006-05-15
1001 2H1M AR0070 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92006-05-16
1002 2H2X 2H2X show details20RNANMR2006-05-19
1003 2H49 2H49 show details20RNANMR2006-05-23
1004 2H9S UD0070 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.752006-06-11
1005 2HEM 2HEM show details9RNANMR2006-06-21
1006 2HGH 2HGH show details20TRANSCRIPTION/RNANMR2006-06-27
1007 2HGI RR0136 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction52006-06-27
1008 2HGJ RR0137 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction52006-06-27
1009 2HGP RR0138 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction5.52006-06-27
1010 2HGQ RR0139 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction5.52006-06-27
1011 2HGR RR0140 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction4.512006-06-27
1012 2HGU RR0141 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction4.512006-06-27
1013 2HHH RR0142 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.352006-06-28
1014 2HNS 2HNS show details20RNANMR2006-07-13
1015 2HO6 UR0096 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82006-07-13
1016 2HO7 UR0097 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92006-07-13
1017 2HOJ UR0099 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52006-07-14
1018 2HOK UR0100 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.22006-07-14
1019 2HOL UR0101 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92006-07-14
1020 2HOM UR0102 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.892006-07-14
1021 2HOO UR0103 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction32006-07-14
1022 2HOP UR0104 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.32006-07-14
1023 2HUA 2HUA show details11RNANMR2006-07-26
1024 2HVR PH0026 show details1LIGASE/RNA/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.452006-07-30
1025 2HVS PH0027 show details1LIGASE/DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52006-07-30
1026 2HVY PR0224 show details1ISOMERASE/BIOSYNTHETIC PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.32006-07-31
1027 2HW8 PR0225 show details1STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.12006-08-01
1028 2I2P RR0149 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.222006-08-16
1029 2I2T RR0150 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.222006-08-16
1030 2I2U RR0151 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.222006-08-16
1031 2I2V RR0152 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.222006-08-16
1032 2I7E 2I7E show details20RIBONUCLEIC ACIDNMR2006-08-30
1033 2I7Z 2I7Z show details20RIBONUCLEIC ACIDNMR2006-08-31
1034 2I82 PR0229 show details1LYASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.052006-08-31
1035 2I91 PR0232 show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.652006-09-04
1036 2IHX 2IHX show details20VIRAL PROTEIN/RNANMR2006-09-27
1037 2IL9 UR0105 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.12006-10-02
1038 2IPY PR0235 show details1LYASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82006-10-12
1039 2IRN 2IRN show details15RNANMR2006-10-15
1040 2IRO 2IRO show details15RNANMR2006-10-16
1041 2IS4 PD0900 show details1HYDROLASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.62006-10-16
1042 2IS6 PD0901 show details1HYDROLASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.22006-10-16
1043 2IXY 2IXY show details23RNANMR2006-07-11
1044 2IY5 2IY5 show details1LIGASEX-Ray Difraction3.12006-07-12
1045 2IZ8 2IZ8 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.32006-07-25
1046 2IZ9 2IZ9 show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.852006-07-25
1047 2IZM 2IZM show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72006-07-25
1048 2IZN 2IZN show details1VIRUS/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.562006-07-25
1049 2J00 2J00 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.82006-07-31
1050 2J01 2J01 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.82006-07-31
1051 2J02 2J02 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.82006-07-31
1052 2J03 2J03 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.82006-07-31
1053 2J28 2J28 show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy82006-08-16
1054 2J37 2J37 show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy82006-08-18
1055 2JA5 2JA5 show details1TRANSFERASEX-Ray Difraction3.82006-11-23
1056 2JA6 2JA6 show details1TRANSFERASEX-Ray Difraction42006-11-23
1057 2JA7 2JA7 show details1TRANSFERASEX-Ray Difraction3.82006-11-23
1058 2JA8 2JA8 show details1TRANSFERASEX-Ray Difraction3.82006-11-23
1059 2JL5 2WH1 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.452008-09-05
1060 2JL6 2WH2 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.452008-09-05
1061 2JL7 2WH3 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.452008-09-05
1062 2JL8 2WH4 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.452008-09-05
1063 2JLT 2JLT show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92008-09-15
1064 2JPP 2JPP show details10TRANSLATION/RNANMR2007-05-21
1065 2JQ7 2JQ7 show details10STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNA/ANTIBIOTICNMR2007-05-30
1066 2JR4 2JR4 show details11RNANMR2007-06-20
1067 2JRG 2JRG show details11RNANMR2007-06-26
1068 2JRQ 2JRQ show details11RNANMR2007-06-28
1069 2JSE 2JSE show details10RNANMR2007-07-03
1070 2JSG 2JSG show details11RNANMR2007-07-04
1071 2JTP 2JTP show details20RNANMR2007-08-04
1072 2JUK 2JUK show details20RNANMR2007-08-30
1073 2JWV 2JWV show details10RNANMR2007-10-25
1074 2JXQ 2JXQ show details10RNANMR2007-11-28
1075 2JXS 2JXS show details10RNANMR2007-11-29
1076 2JXV 2JXV show details10RNANMR2007-11-30
1077 2JYF 2JYF show details10RNA/RNANMR2007-12-13
1078 2JYH 2JYH show details5RNA/RNANMR2007-12-13
1079 2JYJ 2JYJ show details10RNA/RNANMR2007-12-13
1080 2JYM 2JYM show details15RNANMR2007-12-14
1081 2K3Z 2K3Z show details10RNANMR2008-05-26
1082 2K41 2K41 show details10RNANMR2008-05-26
1083 2K4C 2K4C show details1RNANMR2008-06-04
1084 2K5Z 2K5Z show details10RNANMR2008-07-01
1085 2K63 2K63 show details20RNANMR2008-07-04
1086 2K64 2K64 show details20RNANMR2008-07-04
1087 2K65 2K65 show details20RNANMR2008-07-04
1088 2K66 2K66 show details20RNANMR2008-07-04
1089 2K7E 2K7E show details10RNANMR2008-08-09
1090 2K95 2K95 show details20RNANMR2008-09-29
1091 2K96 2K96 show details20RNANMR2008-09-29
1092 2KD4 2KD4 show details1RNANMR2009-01-02
1093 2KD8 2KD8 show details12RNANMR2009-01-04
1094 2KDQ 2KDQ show details10RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNANMR2009-01-14
1095 2KE6 2KE6 show details12RNANMR2009-01-23
1096 2KEZ 2KEZ show details10RNANMR2009-02-08
1097 2KF0 2KF0 show details10RNANMR2009-02-08
1098 2KFC 2KFC show details20RNANMR2009-02-14
1099 2KGP 2KGP show details10RNANMR2009-03-13
1100 2KHY 2KHY show details10RNANMR2009-04-14
1101 2KMJ 2KMJ show details10RNA/PEPTIDENMR2009-07-30
1102 2KOC 2KOC show details20RNANMR2009-09-17
1103 2KP3 2KP3 show details10RNANMR2009-10-06
1104 2KP4 2KP4 show details10DNA/RNANMR2009-10-06
1105 2KPC 2KPC show details10RNANMR2009-10-12
1106 2KPD 2KPD show details10RNANMR2009-10-12
1107 2KPV 2KPV show details10RNANMR2009-10-20
1108 2KRL 2KRL show details10RNANMR2009-12-18
1109 2KRP 2KRP show details10RNANMR2009-12-22
1110 2KRQ 2KRQ show details10RNANMR2009-12-22
1111 2KRV 2KRV show details10RNANMR2009-12-22
1112 2KRW 2KRW show details11RNANMR2009-12-22
1113 2KRY 2KRY show details10RNANMR2009-12-23
1114 2KRZ 2KRZ show details10RNANMR2009-12-23
1115 2KTZ 2KTZ show details10RNANMR2010-02-10
1116 2KU0 2KU0 show details10RNANMR2010-02-10
1117 2KUR 2KUR show details10RNANMR2010-02-25
1118 2KUU 2KUU show details12RNANMR2010-03-01
1119 2KUV 2KUV show details10RNANMR2010-03-01
1120 2KUW 2KUW show details11RNANMR2010-03-01
1121 2KVN 2KVN show details30RNANMR2010-03-19
1122 2KWG 2KWG show details10RNANMR2010-04-09
1123 2KX5 2KX5 show details10RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNANMR2010-04-26
1124 2KX8 2KX8 show details10RNANMR2010-04-27
1125 2KXM 2KXM show details10RNA/ANTIBIOTICNMR2010-05-10
1126 2KXZ 2KXZ show details7RNANMR2010-05-13
1127 2KY0 2KY0 show details10RNANMR2010-05-13
1128 2KY1 2KY1 show details10RNANMR2010-05-13
1129 2KY2 2KY2 show details10RNANMR2010-05-13
1130 2KYD 2KYD show details20RNANMR2010-05-24
1131 2KYE 2KYE show details20RNANMR2010-05-25
1132 2KZL 2KZL show details8RNANMR2010-06-18
1133 2L1F 2L1F show details20RNANMR2010-07-28
1134 2L1V 2L1V show details20RNANMR2010-08-06
1135 2L2J 2L2J show details20RNANMR2010-08-20
1136 2L2K 2L2K show details20HYDROLASE/RNANMR2010-08-20
1137 2L3C 2L3C show details20HYDROLASE/RNANMR2010-09-12
1138 2L3E 2L3E show details20RNANMR2010-09-13
1139 2L3J 2L3J show details19HYDROLASE/RNANMR2010-09-14
1140 2L5Z 2L5Z show details21RNANMR2010-11-10
1141 2L6I 2L6I show details27RNANMR2010-11-21
1142 2L8C 2L8C show details1RNANMR2011-01-07
1143 2L8F 2L8F show details10RNANMR2011-01-11
1144 2L8H 2L8H show details10RNANMR2011-01-12
1145 2L8U 2L8U show details1RNANMR2011-01-25
1146 2L8W 2L8W show details1RNANMR2011-01-26
1147 2L94 2L94 show details10RNA/INHIBITORNMR2011-01-29
1148 2L9E 2L9E show details11RNANMR2011-02-08
1149 2LA5 2LA5 show details10RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNANMR2011-03-03
1150 2LA9 2LA9 show details8RNANMR2011-03-09
1151 2LAC 2LAC show details9RNANMR2011-03-10
1152 2LAR 2LAR show details1DNA/RNANMR2011-03-18
1153 2LB4 2LB4 show details1DNA/RNANMR2011-03-22
1154 2LBJ 2LBJ show details8RNANMR2011-03-31
1155 2LBK 2LBK show details8RNANMR2011-03-31
1156 2LBL 2LBL show details8RNANMR2011-03-31
1157 2LBQ 2LBQ show details8RNANMR2011-04-05
1158 2LBR 2LBR show details8RNANMR2011-04-05
1159 2LBS 2LBS show details16HYDROLASE/RNANMR2011-04-06
1160 2LC8 2LC8 show details10RNANMR2011-04-26
1161 2LDL 2LDL show details12RNANMR2011-05-27
1162 2LDT 2LDT show details13RNANMR2011-06-02
1163 2LDZ 2LDZ show details1RNANMR1998-08-18
1164 2LHP 2LHP show details10RNANMR2011-08-12
1165 2LI4 2LI4 show details20RNANMR2011-08-22
1166 2LJJ 2LJJ show details20RNANMR2011-09-15
1167 2LK3 2LK3 show details10RNANMR2011-10-03
1168 2LKR 2LKR show details10RNANMR2011-10-19
1169 2LP9 2LP9 show details10RNANMR2012-02-06
1170 2LPA 2LPA show details10RNANMR2012-02-06
1171 2LPS 2LPS show details5RNANMR2012-02-17
1172 2LPT 2LPT show details5RNANMR2012-02-17
1173 2LQZ 2LQZ show details9RNANMR2012-03-19
1174 2LU0 2LU0 show details20RNANMR2012-06-05
1175 2LUB 2LUB show details10RNANMR2012-06-11
1176 2LUN 2LUN show details8RNANMR2012-06-18
1177 2LUP 2LUP show details16RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNANMR2012-06-19
1178 2LV0 2LV0 show details11RNANMR2012-06-26
1179 2LVY 2LVY show details20RNANMR2012-07-13
1180 2LWK 2LWK show details16RNANMR2012-08-01
1181 2LX1 2LX1 show details19RNANMR2012-08-12
1182 2M12 2M12 show details10RNANMR2012-11-13
1183 2M1O 2M1O show details10RNANMR2012-12-03
1184 2M1V 2M1V show details18DNA/RNANMR2012-12-07
1185 2M21 2M21 show details14RNANMR2012-12-11
1186 2M22 2M22 show details20RNANMR2012-12-11
1187 2M23 2M23 show details20RNANMR2012-12-12
1188 2M24 2M24 show details20RNANMR2012-12-12
1189 2M39 2M39 show details9RNANMR2013-01-15
1190 2M4Q 2M4Q show details10RNA/ANTIBIOTICNMR2013-02-10
1191 2M4W 2M4W show details10RNANMR2013-02-11
1192 2M57 2M57 show details20RNANMR2013-02-15
1193 2M58 2M58 show details10RNANMR2013-02-18
1194 2M5U 2M5U show details15RNANMR2013-03-08
1195 2M8K 2M8K show details20RNANMR2013-05-22
1196 2MEQ 2MEQ show details10RNANMR2013-09-26
1197 2MER 2MER show details10RNANMR2013-09-26
1198 2MF0 2MF0 show details20RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNANMR2013-10-02
1199 2MF1 2MF1 show details20RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNANMR2013-10-02
1200 2MFC 2MFC show details20TRANSLATION/RNANMR2013-10-10
1201 2MFD 2MFD show details20RNANMR2013-10-11
1202 2MFE 2MFE show details20TRANSLATION/RNANMR2013-10-11
1203 2MFF 2MFF show details20TRANSLATION/RNANMR2013-10-11
1204 2MFG 2MFG show details20TRANSLATION/RNANMR2013-10-11
1205 2MHI 2MHI show details20RNANMR2013-11-23
1206 2MI0 2MI0 show details21RNANMR2013-12-05
1207 2MIS 2MIS show details21RNANMR2013-12-19
1208 2MIY 2MIY show details18RNANMR2013-12-20
1209 2MKN 2MKN show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNANMR2014-02-10
1210 2MN0 show details10RNANMR2014-03-25
1211 2MNC 2MNC show details14RNANMR2014-04-02
1212 2MQT 2MQT show details10RNANMR2014-06-26
1213 2MQV 2MQV show details10VIRAL PROTEIN/RNANMR2014-06-27
1214 2MS0 2MS0 show details10VIRAL PROTEIN/RNANMR2014-07-19
1215 2MS1 2MS1 show details10VIRAL PROTEIN/RNANMR2014-07-19
1216 2MS5 2MS5 show details1RNANMR2014-07-23
1217 2MTJ 2MTJ show details21RNANMR2014-08-19
1218 2MTK 2MTK show details21RNANMR2014-08-19
1219 2MVS show details1RNANMR2014-10-10
1220 2MVY show details1RNANMR2014-10-20
1221 2MXJ 2MXJ show details20RNANMR2015-01-06
1222 2MXK 2MXK show details20RNANMR2015-01-06
1223 2MXL 2MXL show details20RNANMR2015-01-06
1224 2N0R 2N0R show details10RNANMR2015-03-12
1225 2N1Q show details20RNANMR2015-04-15
1226 2N2O show details10RNANMR2015-05-11
1227 2N2P show details10RNANMR2015-05-11
1228 2N3Q show details21RNANMR2015-06-09
1229 2N3R show details21RNANMR2015-06-09
1230 2N4J show details20UNKNOWN FUNCTIONNMR2015-06-19
1231 2NOK AR0071 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction32006-10-25
1232 2NOQ show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy7.32006-10-26
1233 2NQP PR0242 show details1ISOMERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.52006-10-31
1234 2NRE PR0244 show details1ISOMERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction42006-11-01
1235 2NUE PR0239 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92006-11-09
1236 2NUF PR0240 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52006-11-09
1237 2NUG PR0241 show details1HYDROLASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.72006-11-09
1238 2NVQ PH0031 show details1TRANSCRIPTION,TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction2.92006-11-13
1239 2NVT PH0033 show details1TRANSCRIPTION,TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction3.362006-11-13
1240 2NVX PH0034 show details1TRANSCRIPTION,TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction3.62006-11-13
1241 2NVZ PH0035 show details1TRANSCRIPTION,TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction4.32006-11-14
1242 2O32 2O32 show details20RNANMR2006-11-30
1243 2O33 2O33 show details20RIBONUCLEIC ACIDNMR2006-11-30
1244 2O3V DR0037 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82006-12-02
1245 2O3W DR0038 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82006-12-02
1246 2O3X DR0039 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92006-12-02
1247 2O3Y AR0073 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.72006-12-02
1248 2O43 DR0032 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.62006-12-03
1249 2O44 DR0033 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.32006-12-03
1250 2O45 DR0034 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction3.62006-12-03
1251 2O5I PH0036 show details1TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction2.52006-12-06
1252 2O5J PH0037 show details1TRANSFERASE/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction32006-12-06
1253 2O81 2O81 show details18RNANMR2006-12-11
1254 2O83 2O83 show details18RNANMR2006-12-11
1255 2O8B PD0951 show details1DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.752006-12-12
1256 2O8C PD0952 show details1DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNAX-Ray Difraction3.372006-12-12
1257 2O8D PD0953 show details1DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNAX-Ray Difraction32006-12-12
1258 2O8E PD0954 show details1DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNAX-Ray Difraction3.32006-12-12
1259 2O8F PD0955 show details1DNA BINDING PROTEIN/DNAX-Ray Difraction3.252006-12-12
1260 2OE5 DR0035 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.512006-12-28
1261 2OE6 AR0072 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42006-12-28
1262 2OE8 DR0036 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.82006-12-28
1263 2OEU UR0108 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction22007-01-01
1264 2OGM RR0158 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52007-01-07
1265 2OGN RR0159 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.562007-01-07
1266 2OGO RR0160 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.662007-01-07
1267 2OIH PR0260 show details1STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42007-01-11
1268 2OIJ AR0074 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.312007-01-11
1269 2OIU UR0110 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62007-01-11
1270 2OIY AR0075 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.62007-01-12
1271 2OJ0 AR0076 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62007-01-12
1272 2OJ3 PR0261 show details1STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92007-01-12
1273 2OJ7 2OJ7 show details10RNANMR2007-01-12
1274 2OJ8 2OJ8 show details10RNANMR2007-01-12
1275 2OM7 show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy7.32007-01-21
1276 2OOM 2OOM show details12RNANMR2007-01-26
1277 2OTJ RR0161 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.92007-02-08
1278 2OTL RR0162 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.72007-02-08
1279 2OWO PD0978 show details1LIGASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.32007-02-16
1280 2OZB PR0267 show details1RNA BINDING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62007-02-26
1281 2P89 2P89 show details20RNANMR2007-03-22
1282 2PCV 2PCV show details10RNANMR2007-03-30
1283 2PCW 2PCW show details17RNANMR2007-03-30
1284 2PJP PR0285 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.32007-04-16
1285 2PLY PD0291 show details1TRANSLATION/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62007-04-20
1286 2PN3 AR0077 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.92007-04-23
1287 2PN4 AR0078 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.322007-04-23
1288 2PN9 2PN9 show details10RNANMR2007-04-24
1289 2PPB PH0039 show details1TRANSFERASE/DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction32007-04-28
1290 2PWT DR0040 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.82007-05-13
1291 2PXB PR0274 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction22007-05-14
1292 2PXD PR0275 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction22007-05-14
1293 2PXE PR0276 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction22007-05-14
1294 2PXF PR0277 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction22007-05-14
1295 2PXK PR0278 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction22007-05-14
1296 2PXL PR0279 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52007-05-14
1297 2PXP PR0280 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52007-05-14
1298 2PXQ PR0281 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52007-05-14
1299 2PXT PR0282 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52007-05-14
1300 2PXU PR0283 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.52007-05-14
1301 2PXV PR0284 show details1SIGNALING PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction22007-05-14
1302 2Q1O AR0080 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.12007-05-25
1303 2Q2T PD1017 show details1LIGASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.32007-05-29
1304 2Q2U PD1018 show details1LIGASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction32007-05-29
1305 2QA4 RR0199 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction32007-06-14
1306 2QAL RR0169 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.212007-06-15
1307 2QAM RR0170 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.212007-06-15
1308 2QAN RR0171 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.212007-06-15
1309 2QAO RR0172 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.212007-06-15
1310 2QB9 RR0173 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.542007-06-16
1311 2QBA RR0174 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.542007-06-16
1312 2QBB RR0175 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.542007-06-16
1313 2QBC RR0176 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.542007-06-16
1314 2QBD RR0177 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.32007-06-16
1315 2QBE RR0178 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.32007-06-16
1316 2QBF RR0179 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.32007-06-16
1317 2QBG RR0180 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.32007-06-16
1318 2QBH RR0181 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction42007-06-17
1319 2QBI RR0182 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction42007-06-17
1320 2QBJ RR0183 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction42007-06-17
1321 2QBK RR0184 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction42007-06-17
1322 2QBY PD1022 show details1REPLICATION/DNAX-Ray Difraction3.352007-06-18
1323 2QBZ UR0120 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62007-06-18
1324 2QEK UR0199 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.82007-06-26
1325 2QEX RR0200 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.92007-06-26
1326 2QH2 2QH2 show details20RNANMR2007-06-29
1327 2QH3 2QH3 show details20RNANMR2007-06-29
1328 2QH4 2QH4 show details20RNANMR2007-06-29
1329 2QK9 PH0040 show details1HYDROLASE/DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.552007-07-10
1330 2QKB PH0041 show details1HYDROLASE/DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42007-07-10
1331 2QKK PH0042 show details1HYDROLASE/DNA/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.22007-07-11
1332 2QOU RR0189 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.932007-07-21
1333 2QOV RR0190 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.932007-07-21
1334 2QOW RR0191 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.932007-07-21
1335 2QOX RR0192 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.932007-07-21
1336 2QOY RR0193 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52007-07-21
1337 2QOZ RR0194 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52007-07-21
1338 2QP0 RR0195 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52007-07-21
1339 2QP1 RR0196 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52007-07-21
1340 2QUS UR0121 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.42007-08-06
1341 2QUW UR0122 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.22007-08-06
1342 2QUX PR0296 show details1STRUCTURAL PROTEIN/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.442007-08-06
1343 2QWY UR0125 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction2.82007-08-10
1344 2R1S AR0081 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.42007-08-23
1345 2R20 AR0082 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.32007-08-24
1346 2R21 AR0083 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.592007-08-24
1347 2R22 AR0084 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.42007-08-24
1348 2R7Y PH0043 show details1HYDROLASE/RNA/DNAX-Ray Difraction1.82007-09-10
1349 2R7Z PH0044 show details1TRANSCRIPTION/DNA-RNA HYBRIDX-Ray Difraction3.82007-09-10
1350 2R8S PR0294 show details1IMMUNE SYSTEM/RNAX-Ray Difraction1.952007-09-11
1351 2R92 PR0304 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction3.82007-09-12
1352 2R93 PR0305 show details1TRANSFERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction42007-09-12
1353 2RD2 PR0306 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62007-09-20
1354 2RE8 PR0307 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.62007-09-25
1355 2RFK PR0309 show details1ISOMERASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction2.872007-09-30
1356 2RKJ PR0311 show details1LIGASE/RNAX-Ray Difraction4.52007-10-16
1357 2RLU 2RLU show details10RNANMR2007-08-21
1358 2RMQ 2RMQ show details1DNANMR2007-11-12
1359 2RN1 2RN1 show details17RNANMR2007-12-05
1360 2RO2 2RO2 show details1RNANMR2008-03-05
1361 2RP0 2RP0 show details28RNANMR2008-04-25
1362 2RP1 2RP1 show details1RNANMR2008-04-25
1363 2RPK 2RPK show details1RNANMR2008-05-28
1364 2RPT 2RPT show details10RNANMR2008-08-23
1365 2RRC 2RRC show details11RNANMR2010-06-23
1366 2TOB 2TOB show details13RNANMR1998-06-17
1367 2TPK 2TPK show details1RNANMR1998-10-28
1368 2TRA TRNA07 show details1T-RNAX-Ray Difraction31987-11-06
1369 2U2A 2U2A show details1RNANMR1997-08-20
1370 2UU9 2UU9 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.12007-03-01
1371 2UUA 2UUA show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.92007-03-01
1372 2UUB 2UUB show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.92007-03-01
1373 2UUC 2UUC show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.12007-03-01
1374 2UWM 2UWM show details1TRANSLATIONX-Ray Difraction2.312007-03-22
1375 2UXB 2UXB show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.12007-03-28
1376 2UXC 2UXC show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.92007-03-28
1377 2UXD 2UXD show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.22007-03-28
1378 2V0G 2V0G show details1LIGASEX-Ray Difraction3.52007-05-14
1379 2V1U 2V1U show details1REPLICATIONX-Ray Difraction3.12007-05-30
1380 2V3C 2V3C show details1SIGNALING PROTEINX-Ray Difraction2.52007-06-15
1381 2V47 2V47 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.82007-06-28
1382 2V49 2V49 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.82007-06-28
1383 2V6W 2V6W show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.82007-07-23
1384 2V7R 2V7R show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.22007-08-01
1385 2VAL 2VAL show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction22007-09-03
1386 2VHM 2VHM show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.742007-11-22
1387 2VHN 2VHN show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.742007-11-22
1388 2VHO 2VHO show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.742007-11-22
1389 2VHP 2VHP show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.742007-11-22
1390 2VPL 2VPL show details1TRANSLATIONX-Ray Difraction2.32008-03-01
1391 2VQE 2VQE show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.52008-03-13
1392 2VQF 2VQF show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction2.92008-03-14
1393 2VUM 2VUM show details1TRANSFERASEX-Ray Difraction3.42008-05-27
1394 2VUQ 2VUQ show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction1.182008-05-29
1395 2W2H 2W2H show details1RNA-BINDING PROTEINX-Ray Difraction3.252008-10-30
1396 2W89 NA0348 show details1RNAX-Ray Difraction22009-01-15
1397 2WB2 2WB2 show details1LYASE/DNAX-Ray Difraction2.952009-02-20
1398 2WDG 2WDG show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.32009-03-24
1399 2WDH 2WDH show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.32009-03-24
1400 2WDI 2WDI show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.32009-03-24
1401 2WDJ 2WDJ show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.32009-03-24
1402 2WDK 2WDK show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52009-03-24
1403 2WDL 2WDL show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52009-03-24
1404 2WDM 2WDM show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52009-03-24
1405 2WDN NA0230 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.52009-03-24
1406 2WH1 2WH1 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.452009-04-30
1407 2WH2 2WH2 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.452009-04-30
1408 2WH3 2WH3 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.452009-04-30
1409 2WH4 2WH4 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.452009-04-30
1410 2WRI NA0236 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.62009-09-01
1411 2WRJ NA0237 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.62009-09-01
1412 2WRK NA0238 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.62009-09-01
1413 2WRL NA0239 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.62009-09-01
1414 2WRN NA0240 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.62009-09-01
1415 2WRO NA0241 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.62009-09-01
1416 2WRQ NA0242 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.62009-09-01
1417 2WRR NA0243 show details1RIBOSOMEX-Ray Difraction3.62009-09-01
1418 2WW9 show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy8.62009-10-22
1419 2WWA show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy8.92009-10-22
1420 2WWB show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy6.482009-10-22
1421 2WWL 2WWL show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy5.82009-10-26
1422 2WWQ 2WWQ show details1RIBOSOMEElectron Microscopy5.82009-10-26
1423 2X2Q NA0965 show details1DNAX-Ray Difraction1.92010-01-15
1424 2X7N